Photos by  Jason KB Photo

Photos by Jason KB Photo

The decision to start Milestone Bordeaux came about after sharing our lives with our first Dogue de Bordeaux, Xena.

Unfortunately, as first time buyers, we didn't purchase her from a reputable breeder. As it turned out, Xena had numerous health issues and we lost her to lymphoma at only 5 years old. Where was the breeder for support? Where were her registration papers? No where to be found.

When we decided to get our next DDB we wanted a reputable breeder that we could learn from. Enter Donna Deschambault of Nobelgaze. We were very lucky to have found her, as she helped to cultivate our perspective of what a breeder should be: selfless, willing to share and always there for support.


Now I am blessed to consider her and Laurier amongst my closest friends.  

We have actively shown our Dogues in Canada and the USA and breed only occasionally.  

For us, the health of the puppies we produce is key. We believe in health, temperament and type without sacrificing one for another. This is admittedly very difficult, but we aim to make the most educated and informed decisions as possible. We also strongly believe in standing behind our breeding choices and supporting our puppy buyers. The biggest compliment we can receive is adding a second or third Milestone baby to someone's family, or having them refer us to others.

Thank you to all our extended Milestone family members!